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I. Welcome Friends- why friends, because we are fellowship on a journey to Truth

II. Karen Early Fides et Ratio, website, podcasts on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify

III. Catholic Wife of 38 yrs, same husband, mother of 7 adult children 37-18 yrs, grandmother to 9 as of April 2020

IV. Tag Line Reflections on life from a theological and rational perspective, hence the channel and website name borrowed from JPII encyclical Fides et Ratio

V. BS Electrical Engineering Texas A&M, MS Applied Physics UCSD, MA in Theology from the Augustine Institute. My views do not necessary reflect those of these institutions.

VI. Special Focus on Catholic refugees looking for a spiritually safe space, Catholic wives, Catholic Mothers, those interested on a journey to the Truth

VII. Comments turned off, do not want to interact with trolls. If you want to reach me, go to my website

VIII. There are no appeals for money. I am independent. It helps search engines to find my channel if you subscribe.

IX. Many thanks for those help me. My views do not necessary reflect theirs, but they still love me and help me. Deo gratis.

X. My website is my primary vehicle. Whether YT (Fides et Ratio channel name) bans or messes with my uploads and view counts, one can always find me at

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