Come A Way, Rest A While VI

Divine worship = intense affirmation of the world and praise of God. It is not possible to have a ‘festival without the gods’.  There has

No Vote

Why might politicians fear lobbyists more than voters? Maybe because lobbyists have dark money which can be translated into vote manipulation. Voters have very little

Audit Every County

“ More than 120 retired US military leaders have signed an open letter appearing to advance a false conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was rigged

Come Away, Rest A While Covering of Precious Blood V

XI Leisure= the ability to contemplate higher truths opposed to servile work. Leisure is also opposed to sloth, restlessness or acedia. Acedia, a capital sin=

Audit Every County

Unrig 2020. No future elections matter if the cheaters prevail. “Patriotic American citizens have launched a petition to urge the Pennsylvania legislature to audit the

Immediate Action Contact TX State Representatives to see the bill by Rep Toth Steve Toth calling for an audit of the 13 most populous counties in Texas Steve Allison’s

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