The Great Adventure Timeline For Protestant and Already Purchased Bibles II

  1. Catholic Overview of The Great Adventure Timeline Bible

The Crunchy Catholics

Here are more videos on this awesome bible (The Great Adventure Bible)! Take from the description notes.

  1. Ascension Press:
  2. Matt & Mary Kate:
  3. OK Catholics:    start at @3:55 for flip through of this Bible

III. Two Choices- tabs or colored pencils (markers may bleed through, test in an inconspicuous place)

  1. If you have the desire to use the colored tabs in your existing Bible, then place them in.
  2. If you have the desire to not use the tabs, one can take a colored pencils and highlight at the top. Show my Old Bible & Scofield Reference Bible, gold tabs, use colored pencils. One still to do!
  3. Tactile learners: Pony Bead bracelet incredibly helpful in quickly recalling which time period. Craft project young children, and those young at that enjoy.
  4. Flip Through of Other Bibles (Protestant or Catholic) using the Chart[1] showing how the supplemental books fit in the narrative and how the narrative fits in with world history.

12 Time Periods With Corresponding Books

  1. The Early World: Turquoise (color of earth seen from space) Gen 1-11
  2. Patriarchs: Burgundy (God’s blood covenant with Abraham) Gen 12-50
  3. Egypt & Exodus: Red (the Red Sea) Exodus
  4. Desert Wanderings: Tan (the color of the desert) Numbers
  5. Conquest & Judges: Green (the green hills of Canaan) Joshua, Judges
  6. Royal Kingdom: Purple (royalty) & I & II Samuel, I Kings
  7. Divided Kingdom: Black (Israel’s darkening period) I – II Kings
  8. Exile: Baby Blue (Judah singing the blues in Baby-lon) II Kings
  9. Return: Yellow (Judah returning home to brighter days) Ezra & Nehemiah
  10. Maccabean Revolt: Orange (fire in the oil lamps in the purified Temple) I Maccabees
  11. Messianic Fulfillment: Gold (gifts of the Magi) [Christ the King] Luke
  12. The Church: White (the spotless Bride of Christ) [baptismal stole, Easter candle are white] Acts

Time to Read and Study the Bible, adding organs and muscle

  1. Take notes in your Bible, it is yours
  2. Take classes, even repeats. The Word, both in Person and in text never grows old!
  3. Enjoy the Adventure

[1] Ascension Press The Great Adventure Bible Time Line An Amazon link simply and only for your convenience.