The Stone Cutter I

Bio 50 yrs career scientific research engineering development. Infra-red, lasers, human vision

End of career, tell a particular story

6-7 yrs ago

How did carve the time

Why writing?

I didn’t want to write a novel.

Blog, local writers critique group, improve writing. People already novelist or about to. Started to ask how to write dialogue, how long, more details, more convinced more than ever, did not want to write.

Lady, poet and novelist, gave them book of poetry, poems over the Christmas break.

Could not stop thinking about it. Preformed the poem.

Wrote, not even a novel, not even about the poetry.

2-3 days scenes from this story, going across mind, watch a video. Only way to get rid of it is to write about

6 mon 100K, 500 page novel.

Didn’t carve out the time, much to do journey as an author

God had different plans.

At end of first novel, did not want to write, see Brock you can write another one.

Role playing. Greatest storyteller, Jesus Christ, told parables. A Story that can get at truth which is difficult in any other way.

Telling of a story, sticks with you. Truth can ferment within.

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