The Stone Cutter II

The Stone Cutter is second book.

Can enter ranks of being author. Take the time to flesh out.

Agents 200-300, 6 months, not 30 yr, 73 yrs only way to get in contact with traditional publisher

Difficult, rests on author, other hand control of everything, great for an artist.

Self-publisher, my own publisher, imprint name, collection of ISBNS need to publish

Scriven word processor, Mac or PC

Wonderful resource. Not only a word processor, aimed at authoring, into a book form

Collect and web research, only general thoughts, outlining, cork board, 3×5 cards. Flesh out characters but full bios, photographs of characters. EASy to access

Cheap, $40 lifetime program!

Bundle of ISBNs 100

1, 10, 100, 1000 factors of 10, costs twice as much more.

Write more than one book, think about 100

1 book, one ISBN for every version 4 soft back, hard back, ebook, audio

Launch party, publicist self & wife

De Vu author, following, online parallel or party wonderful experience

Launching book, doing it the right way. Learn from people before.

Thomas Umstattd

Publishing industry, home schooled Christian man, agent, editor, authors  podcast incredible, lean a lot from that

Book Launch Pad

4 wks, everyday, 5-10 hrs/day great time commitment best educational experience of any kind in entire life, $1K wife encouraged. Learned so much, properly launch

5 year author plan, younger author, best release can possibly get.


And here are some links that might be useful, either to you or your audience:

            — my author website:


            — this goes directly to the book’s page:


            — links to buy the book:

            different from the laminated-cover version above.

         This is a cloth-bound hardback with dust-cover (having extra info inside the end-flaps)


These are links to Thomas Umstadtt’s resources for authors:

            — author forum (all things writerly and publishing)

                        (at the lower left corner, there is a “join the community” link)


            — the Christian publishing show:


            —  successful book marketing:


            — Thomas’s courses (I took the Book Launch Blueprint):


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