World of Marian Apparitions From Fatima to Today IV

  1. Aokpe 1992- 2004 Mediatrix of All Graces pg 372 Nigerian, 12 yr old girl, gift of tongues, English fluently, bishop received a Marian visitation (rare), visit from the Angel of Peace. She got scared, ran away, called her brother and he got her mom. Mom could not see the Angel.

Christiana got up immediately after praying her Rosary, Mary blocked the door and said “After praying the Rosary, sit and meditate for a while. It is a time when silence and fruits of grace fill the hearts of those who pray.”

“I am the refuge of sinners. I come from heaven to gain souls to Christ and shelter my children in my Immaculate Heart. What I want from you is to pray for the souls of Purgatory, for the world, and to console Jesus.”

Praying the rosary daily is a core message.

Giving Rosary t Dominic, Marian apparition, man not clever enough to come up with it.

Mary revealed her name, Mediatrix of All Graces. There are also the cryptic words, “three days of darkness” which occurs in other Marian apparitions.

Healings, miracles, conversions? Yes

THE MESSAGE OF OUR LADY OF AOKPE MEDIATRIX OF ALL – PART 2 The episcopate shows an openness to the apparitions by their presence and celebration of the Liturgy (always in play)

between October 1992 and February 1996 edited account. @4:15 vision begins posted on June 13, 2012.

  • Eucharistic Miracle– The first Public Pilgrimage took place on the 3rd and 4th August 1994, Our Lady told Christiana that 4th August would become a special Feast day and that August 4th 1994 would be a particular day of grace for her. Christiana received Blessed sacrament from an Angel.
  • Healing Waters– One of the miracles in Aokpe, is the presence of healing waters, which took place on 16th May 1996.
  • The ability to speak English– This miracle took place on 13th September, when Our Lady gave Christiana the grace to speak English by the power of the Holy Spirit. This was to be invaluable to Christiana as she could now speak to all the pilgrims who would travel from different parts of Nigeria to Aokpe.
  • Solar Miracles– The number of Pilgrims increased at each of the eight Public Pilgrimages, except for the last one. In January and February 1996, there were over one hundred thousand people present. One thing that attracted the crowds was the solar miracles. The biggest solar miracle occurred on 21 November 1999. In the past year Aokpe hosted a pilgrimage for about a hundred Seminarians who were treated to a miracle of the sun by Our Lady.

Arrogance of modern press, noting miraculous or cause hope.

Our Lady appeared to Christiana under other titles: ‘Holy Mother”, “Mother of the poor”, “Refuge of sinners”. However, it wasn’t until March 1995 that the beautiful lady appeared as she promised and said: “Honor me here as the Mediatrix of All Graces”. What does it mean (Christiana asked) “I am the Lady who receives all the graces from God and in turn, I give them to the children of God’. discussion of this Nigerian Apparition Aokpe Herald2021

Spousal, husband give all to beloved, to give to their children. Poetic.

Husband providing, wife bountiful provides to children and those in need of charity.

Not against working women, rather focus of the entrustment of gifts by God the father to mary.

Gives her the grace, doesn’t tell her where to put them. Trust.

Women have a sight, vision, see need.

Satan can corrupt our compassion. Women misplaced compassion for lack of abortion access.

Mary is pure, will 100 % confirmed to will of God. When she needs, there is authentic need because her will is in perfect conformity to His.