World of Marian Apparitions From Fatima to Today VI

XIII. The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood in Catholic Families Ohio USA 1987 Marian Year

In February 1987 a mother of three young children began to see Visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Christ Child. The Blessed Mother called for “evangelical purity” among women and announced the creation of a new movement of mothers tailored for this age: “the Apostolate of Holy Motherhood in Catholic Families”. Holy Mary promised that this apostolate would spread throughout the world and that the holiness of these women would help usher in the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart.

For 6 months our Lady and the Christ Child spoke to the young mother, instructing her to write the messages down verbatim as they delivered them. They promised her anonymity so that she could fulfill her duties as a wife, mother, and homemaker in quietness and peace in keeping with the teaching of the Apostolate.

We only know this mystic by the name “Mariamante”, which in Latin means “Lover of Mary.” The visions were delivered under holy obedience to Mariamante’s spiritual director and soon received the Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat and were published in the book “The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood” in June of 1991.[1] By Bishop Albert H. Ottenweller, of Steubenville

The Apostolate does not have a formal leadership structure. The members seek to change the world through everyday holiness and the rule of life.

pray a daily fifteen decade Rosary, with three “Hail Marys” at the end for the mitigation of the suffering of innocent children

begin the day with prayers of love to Jesus and Mary in reparation for sin and for the salvation of sinners

visit Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament every day

pray the Stations of the Cross on Fridays and throughout Lent

practice the Nine First Fridays and Five First Saturdays

“I (Jesus) want all My children to practice the Nine First Fridays in reparation for sins and the Five First Saturdays in honor of My Mother so that the tide of evil sweeping across the world will end in defeat. These two monthly devotions, if practiced faithfully by My followers, would alone win this battle, so great are their power in appeasement of divine justice and the eradication of sin and evil. Practice these devotions perpetually and you will indeed fly to Me on wings of love as your prayer has been.”

Lot of prayers and there are more

frequent and transparent Confession for all sins, even venial sins

frequent Eucharistic Adoration

frequent Mass

live in contemplative prayer

practice fasting and abstinence

practice lectio divina (see prior shows)

encourage family prayer

wear the Scapular of Mt. Carmel

wear the Sacred Heart badge

place an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in a prominent place in your home

the way of life.

embrace your crosses as your sanctification

fulfill your daily duties as a wife, mother, spiritual educator, and homemaker

be attentive, kind, and loving to your children, valuing them as precious jewels

practice holy obedience to your husband

practice humility, quietness, and evangelical purity

dress modestly, with Mary as your example

seek out a holy priest to be your spiritual director

read the writings of the Saints

cultivate devotions to the Christ Child, the Holy Family, St. Joseph, the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts and pray for priests, children, purity and peace in the world

BVM to Mariamante, “As you know, Satan is attacking the family and priesthood, as they are the holiest of vocations. It is through these vocations that the majority of my children come to me in heaven.”[2]

BVM, “The Fatima message contains all that is necessary for you at the moment.”

BVM, “Silence and obscurity. This is what I ask of you. May the Lord’s light shine though you in your daily duties. Many do not understand thus. They think that they must be in the public eye in order to do great things for God. It is often the contrary. A silent, hidden life counts, like the one I lived in Bethlehem and Nazareth.”[3]

Many of those rules and ways formed spirituality. Devotion to the Eucharist, concern for purity of our children.

Recently became a part of Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers[4] France late 1870’s husbands & children losing the faith secularized government crushing stable pities of the French people

Mother’s become contemplative movement within the Church. Mother’s must pray for their children & husbands, and one another. Papal approve.

Zellie Martin one the earliest members.

Put the headship Confraternity of Christian mothers but grace upon grace. More than natural friends love of Eucharist and Blessed Mother.

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