World of Marian Apparitions From Fatima to Today VII

XIV. Practical Application

Archconfraternity of open without initiation, slowly piously

Don’t swallow camel whole.

How can maintain motherhood and these other things, slowly meditate mysteries, then as Our Lady how to proceed

It is structure, public announce, not vows, pledge of requests, much less prayers, SHJ, IHM litany of saints

Don’t have confraternity affiliate through Pittsburg

Under attack as women, and how much hope

Overturning over of Roe v Wade, piety of many faithful husbands, wives, children

Return to our roots, did not have access as young Catholics

Long term harm, Church is a Body

Body needs sensory help

BVM gave a jasper stature to St. James

Daily Rosary with devotion. When our minds wander, perhaps it is our weakness, but it can also be that we are to bring those situations or people to the Lord through Our Lady.

Use sensory helps Trappist incense, pictures, change of location, acknowledge of our littleness

  • Holy Mass with preparation, and attentiveness
  • Prayer groups, holy friends

– Good movies that edify.

– Be very careful of sensory images. Fear is contra to faith.

– blessed candles, holy water, blessed salt, blessed oil, to the extent possible exorcised

– regular confession, practice for our particular judgement

– altogether, these add up to a spiritual insurance policy against the days of darkness (however number they are) and calamities in general. No need to fear!

Personal Lands of Goshen blessing for our home and those around us as possible

Good Prayer Book, original Mother Love Capuchin priest, not the modern version, original

Very more pious, so beautiful prayers, give formula how to confess sins even those that continue to cause sorrow, before Communion, important patron saints, beautiful devotions Infant Jesus, week of prayers for Holy Souls for each day, different sins, person suffering the most, nearest to heaven, intuitive once read it

Like Dominic and the Rosary, even though after received it, seems common sense.

Deliverance Prayers for Use by the Laity, Fr. Chad Ripperger, PhD

Spiritual Insurance Policy

Days of darkness


Own death

Admonitions warn over for so long, last battle is the family how much more, men dressing as women, 30 yr man beating 12yr girl skate board competition

The tech & storm problems, many time, Satan does not want message get out

He can’t attack BVM, but will attack us. RvW overturned, now we can stand up for both mother and baby against those who prey on her for money, horrible arguments of fear, calamities of carrying baby to term. Shackle broken never to be forged again.

Pornography, children preyed upon by drag queens and kings. We have to be honest, see it, and prayers are essential

Find your place, one prayer well done than despair the cant do them all. One candle dispels the darkness.

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