An Autumn Trip – 2001 I

It was the second week of November and I was getting antsy for autumn’s arrival, or more specifically, the advent of the fall foliage. It

Matt Schaefer on Twitter Want a mask mandate with a criminal offense Pass a law. Governor can’t create a crime & also enforce

“Legislation has been filed by State Rep. Matt Schaefer (R–Tyler) ending the governor’s and local officials’ mask mandates and barring them from ever issuing such mandates again unless the legislature authorizes

As Board Members Resign, Who is Responsible for Overseeing ERCOT?

Does RINO Abbott really have to worry about what the voter thinks? “Investigating ERCOT’s mistakes is obviously important, but unless Gov. Abbott, his PUC appointees, and lawmakers

Austin Didn’t Use Its $1B Biomass Power Plant During Winter Crisis

Austin a hot mess. “ As millions of Texans suffered last week during historic winter storms and catastrophic power outages, city officials in Austin left a

Sid Miller: ‘We Should Never Build Another Wind Turbine in Texas’

Sid- Abbott needs to be fired. “ Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is expressing his disappointment with Gov. Greg Abbott’s Public Utility Commission appointees for their

Quantum finance primer | BOSS Magazine

FYI “ The value of a dollar is constantly changing, especially relative to other currencies. Especially in an increasingly cashless society reliant on credit, money is

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