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We must never forget the abuse suffered under corrupt leaders. “ Deirdre Hairston says the incident happened at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Dallas last month.

Catholic News

“ After five months of investigation, hundreds of alleged child abusers and victims have been identified in an 800-page independent report on abuse in the Roman

Who Is Running the Hierarchial Church?

Dear friends, I saw the following article in Life Site News . What does one expect from JMB? I call your attention to two sources of

Comrade Bergoglio

“ Bergoglio’s evasiveness—-which the entire world is now familiar with—-served his purposes. And his skillset would come to serve him again, now as “pope.” What deeds

Catholic News

“ the Rothschild family (whose wealth is estimated at $20 billion, although nobody really knows for sure), together with other famous brand names of globalization, such

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