Ashton Symmetry Sublime

54X6 $13.25 Dark Brown wrapper, turquoise, Cherokee red, gold flourish  Sweet fig, allspice, honey, clover, green apple  Good draw, robust flavor, smooth  Duration 1 hr

Ashton Symmetry Sublime

$ 13.25 54×6 Beautiful band, dark wrapper, sweet, raisin bread, freshly mown hay Easy smooth draw Duration 1hr 20 minutes  Libation  Gerolsteiner German Mineral Water

Ashton Symmetry Sublime

52×6 $14.60 Sweet raisin bread, green apple, honey notes Good draw, balanced, smooth, an Ashton  Duration  Libation Mountain Valley Sparkling Water

Opus X Fuentes

$20.75 50X6  Gorgeous wrapped, cedar lined, navy ribbon, gold & navy flourish  Aged 20 years Sweet raisin bread, molasses, allspice, medium brown wrapper  Easy draw,

Guardian of the Farm Nightwatch Maduro

6×52 $ 9.95 Dark Brown wrapper  Double banded gold & burgundy flourish  Sweet clover, allspice, toasted oats Good draw, a little harsh, tarry, peppery  Ted

Casa Fernandez Aganorsa

Free 54×6 estimate  Deep brown wrapper  Elegant band with gold & burgundy flourish  Sweet clover, allspice, vanilla, green apple Easy draw, balanced, mellow  High nicotine 

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