Spring of 2003 III

We were well within our time of arrival, so the dawdling traffic didn’t upset us that much. In fact, the snail’s pace allowed us time

Spring of 2003 I

My dear friend from the halcyon hippie days back in the 1960s in Dallas, Dodi Brackin Thompson, called me in early-April saying she was planning

Summer Odyssey – 2002 X

That evening, the Perron house happened to be the host for Jerry’s Barber Shop Quartet rehearsal. They were gearing up for a competitive run to

Summer Odyssey – 2002 IX

Through the vastness of eastern Utah I was able to pick up a Giants game on KNBR out of San Francisco. There was something romantic,

Summer Odyssey – 2002 VIII

I was listening to another great Oakland A’s game on the way into Truckee. The purported strike had been averted, and now the season was

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