The Wedding Trip – 2001 VIII

On the way to Flagstaff the next morning, I somehow remembered the turnoff to my other “Arizona Nightspot” – a solitude next to the Southern

The Wedding Trip – 2001 VII

I awoke the next morning completely enshrouded in a miasma of mist. It was almost bone-chilling outside. I tell ya’, after a week of the

The Wedding Trip – 2001 VI

After a short memory loss, I finally located the old familiar Holiday Inn. I still felt like I knew the town like the back of

The Wedding Trip – 2001 V

I parked in my “reserved” spot behind Harrah’s where I could sleep straddling the state line, with my feet in California and my head in

The Wedding Trip – 2001 IV

The next morning, I awoke seeing a RV parked in the area. I thought, “Maybe this is a chance to talk to somebody.” Well, after

The Wedding Trip – 2001 III

I hooked a right onto U.S. 191 at Monticello, and headed north through Moab to Crescent Junction, one of those desolate outposts in the middle

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