Civics Class In Session

Dear friends, Join me as I study the founding documents of our great country, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. A video link is

Voter Integrity The Most Important Issue

Dear friends, Sen Hall with some restraint says voter integrity is one of the most important issues before society in general and the current Texas

Economic Freedom Basics: #adulting V

I was recently asked to comment on local governments response to Coronavirus. Higher taxes is the first thing politicians consider. As citizens, we must be

Orwell & Economic Freedom

“ In his foreword, George Gilder, author of the influential 1981 book Wealth and Poverty, noted the failure of the intellectual classes to speak out against the

Economic Freedom Basics: #adulting III

Personal experience, experiential knowledge is really how we know something Walter Williams work in Africa bedrock ideas for better economic opportunity Freedom to Start a

Economic Freedom Basics: #adulting II

Economic Freedom = freedom to choose how to produce, sell, and use your own resources, while respecting others rights to do the same. Economic freedom

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