Psalm 22 The Word From the Cross IV

VI Brief Reflections Todah Cycle[1] = a sequence of experiences on the life of the ancient Israelite worshipper in which the singing of a psalm

Come A Way, Rest A While VIII

Key thoughts We can console the heart of Jesus, Who is outside of time in His Divinity, during the course of His life and especially

Come A Way, Rest A While VII

Our Lady of Mt Carmel is July 16. Ask Our Lady to guide one into authentic leisure befitting Our Lord. She always says, “Do whatever

Psalm 22 The Word From the Cross III

III. Last Seven Last Words/statements from the Word reveal both his divinity and his humanity, restatement of John’s thesis in his preamble. In chronological order.

Come A Way, Rest A While VI

Divine worship = intense affirmation of the world and praise of God. It is not possible to have a ‘festival without the gods’.  There has

Come Away, Rest A While Covering of Precious Blood V

XI Leisure= the ability to contemplate higher truths opposed to servile work. Leisure is also opposed to sloth, restlessness or acedia. Acedia, a capital sin=

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