Interior Freedom IV

Outward freedom versus interior freedom Returning to Frankl, he discovered his interior and true freedom was independent of external circumstances. We of course can and

Overcoming Obstacles V

  Suicides, depression, anxiety, abusing pets, anger What would you suggest to those who are suffering? Observe own grief and suffering or situation that is

Overcoming Obstacles IV

Gratitude Medicinal Marijuana Autoimmune disease, prayer incredibilily important, diet, marijuana CO Marijuana doctors opinion, cannabis growers, seed to oil, third party testers Public debate in

Overcoming Obstacles III

The Way of the Cross, the true cost not depicted within artistic representation Why did God allow the accident? Isn’t God all powerful, could He

Overcoming Obstacles II

thought as a child because of the upbringing of his family & reality of Jesus, do not have to fear death & worry When something

Overcoming Obstacles I

Why? A Micah overcame a tremendous obstacle, many would find impossible B Discovered the path to authentic happy regardless of circumstance C Everyone can learn