2 Popes

Can. 38 An administrative act, even if it is a rescript given motu proprio, lacks effect insofar as it injures the acquired right of another or is contrary to a law or approved custom, unless the competent authority has expressly added a derogatingclause.

Mike drop. Even the Popean Absolute Monarch holding an Office given by Christ Almighty Himself, has to call the rules of the hand, before the hand is dealt, if he intends to change them in any way. That’s just common sense, and a rule of integrity so natural and fundamental that even Wild West card sharks lived by this simple code of the Natural Law.

And just to make sure everyone is clear: Pope Benedict issued ZERO derogations or changes to Canon Law with regards to his attempted partial resignation and attempted creation of the ontologically impossible pseudo-office of “Pope Emeritus“. Pope Benedict never issued nor signed a letter of resignation. All he did was MENTION, almost as an aside, during a consistory speech that he was partially resigning in seventeen days.

Published Dec 22, 2022