Anti Pope

But has not this already happened with ‘reinterpreting the papacy in its essence’?  When the pretend office of Pope Emeritus sprang  up what happened? Did not some respected canonists and theologians question the novelty 7 long years ago?

“ Archbishop Viganò said it’s as if Pope Francis now views himself as becoming “master of the Church, free to demolish it from within without having to answer to anyone.”

“In short, a tyrant,” he said.

Cardinal Gerhard Müller, former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, also raised concern about the Pope’s move, calling the change “theological barbarism.”

“No Pope or Ecumenical Council,” the German prelate continued, “could, with reference to their highest authority over the Church, do away with the primacy, the episcopacy, or the Sacraments, or to re-interpret them in their essence.”

2015 UN address Not the first time Bergoglio comes in his own name, not Christ’s.

This is the original video from his address to the United Nations back in 2015, you will hear him say ‘in my own name’ in the first 01:30. 



Alex Trebek, I choose # 3.

“ If you have the faith which can see and the honesty and sincerity to admit, that Bergoglio is a heretic, blasphemer, idolater, apostate and schismatic, then you are forced to chose one of three possibilities.

Because it is written in Scripture, that Christ said of Peter and His successors:

Simon, Simon, Satan has desired to sift you all as wheat, but I have prayed for thee, that thy faith may never fail. (Luke 22:31)

So, there is only 3 possibilities:

  1. Christ Jesus is impotent: that is His prayer is not all powerful.
  2. Christ Jesus is a liar: that is, He did not remain faithful to His promise to pray.
  3. Bergoglio never was the Successor of Saint Peter, because of some canonical error or fact.

Which do you choose?”

You have to chose one of these three…

The beginning of a flood of public disavowals. What was talked of in secret is shouted from the rooftops.

“ I can no longer keep silent the certainty of what God shows in the eyes of my intelligence and my heart, in my conscience, otherwise I would be complicit in the evil that derives from it:


THAT the one who currently sits on the Chair of Peter with the name attributed to him by Francis, Jorge Mario BERGOGLIO, DOES NOT BELONG TO THE COMMUNION OF THE HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH, IS ANATHEM, EXCOMMUNICATED, SO IS NOT TRUE POPE OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

I am aware that only God has the authority to dismiss a pontiff.

However, I remember that anyone in the Holy Church falls into heresy and therefore loses the Office himself.”

Cathedral Vicar publicly disavows Bergoglio, recognizes Benedict as the true pope