First, he make at the very start of his Declaration, a most stunning announcement

Not only for the sake of the three acts of canonization have I called you together for this Consistory, but also so that I may communicate a separation from you of great moment for the life of the Church.

By this he announces to the Catholic world, that the College of Cardinals is in schism from him and will lose its role in the election of his successor.

Then, further down in his Declaratio, he declares that a conclave is to be called by those who are competent, putting the whole College of Cardinals on notice, that they are gravely obligated to follow the Papal Law on Conclaves, and that if they fail to be competent in listening to and taking heed of this Declaratio, they would lose that right.

By this statement he not only excludes from that future Conclave all Cardinals whom he and Pope John Paul II had not created, he warns them not to enter into conclave after his laying down of the Petrine Ministry.

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