Bergoglio effect

For the first time since 1999, the number of major seminarians worldwide has fallen below 110,000, according to statistics released by the Vatican.

Between the end of 2020 and the end of 2021, the number of seminarians worldwide declined from 111,855 to 109,895.

Bergoglio effect

Should lovers of the TLM be worried? Absolutely not. Francis doesn’t have a lot of capital left. He’s disliked by most of the Church, as Cardinal Pell noted in his memorandum. The recent TLM restrictions have made him look like a tyrant, picking on a little group; especially when the Church has so many other actual problems. He also doesn’t have a lot of time left. He’s aging and is not in the greatest of health. The Latin Mass will survive.

TLM Absolutely not, for at least three kinds of reasons:

1. The comparison cited by Prof. Zeno about the Christians of the early centuries is not, in my humble opinion, an adequate historical parallel. As serious as the situation today is in other respects, no one, at least for now, can be said to be in real danger of their lives for their Faith as the early Christians were — at least in Europe (very different is the example of the Chinese underground church, where the risk of losing one’s life is real). All this is closely related to one fact: the eventual “persecution” to which we are subjected does not come from the civil authority — as occurried with the early Christians or, closer to us in time, the Catholics who lived under the “Reign of Terror ” (think of the martyrs of Compiègne), but, as is well known, comes from the ecclesiastical authority itself, as Zeno himself rightly reports.