Bergoglio Legacy So Far

And so began one of the darkest decades in the 2,000-year history of the Catholic Church. The cardinals had been taken for a ride. They had elected a man about whom they knew little: a divisive and intellectually lazy clerical politician.

But that is not the worst of it. The truth — unforgivably obscured by a mainstream media that relies on papal allies for “commentary” on Vatican affairs — is that Francis himself, both before and after his election, has empowered and protected predatory clergy and their accomplices.

Pacha Pope Never had the Jesuits been this heretical: yet, now they managed to get one of them elected pope. Never had the Latin American church been this problematic: yet, now the cardinals thought it was a good time to elect a first Latin American pope, and from the most secularized nation in that continent.

Commie Pope

 his already extremely pronounced pettiness and childishness have become more worrying with the years. At the beginning, there was a lot of “look at humble me”. After a couple of months, though, we started to see the real Francis: the faithless, borderline possessed heretic extremely eager to be liked by the world and, actually, by the worst part of it: perverts, heretics, and commies.