Bishops Reject Catholicism, Seminary Education Has Collapsed

Benedict’s posthumous bookChe cos’e il Cristianesimo(What is Christianity?), published January 18, collects sixteen texts written after his resignation, mostly around 2018, with the last from 2022. Explosive quotes

• “We note a vast collapse of the current form of preparation for priestly ministry in seminaries.”

• “In various seminaries homosexual ‘clubs’ were formed which acted more or less openly.”

• Several US bishops “joined forces in order to hide the real situation” regarding homosexual abuses.

• Individual bishops “rejected the Catholic tradition as a whole, aiming in their dioceses to develop a kind of new, modern catholicity.”

• “The [Protestant] Last Supper and the Mass are two fundamentally different, mutually exclusive forms of worship. Let those who preach intercommunion today remember this.”

• “Modern thought […] is more at ease with Luther’s approach than with the Catholic approach. For an explanation of Scripture that sees the Old Testament as a way to Jesus Christ is almost inaccessible to modern thought.”

• The “great powers of tolerance do not grant to Christianity the tolerance they propagate” and with their “radical manipulation of man” and “distortion of the sexes through gender ideology,” they are opposed to Christianity.

• “The intolerance of this apparent modernity towards the Christian faith has [allegedly] not yet turned into open persecution, and yet it manifests itself in an increasingly authoritarian way with the aim of achieving, by a appropriate legislation, the eradication of what is essentially Christian.”

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