BXVI Always & Forever

Catholic author Matthew Hanley noted in October that Italian journalist Andrea Cionci, after “years of intensive investigation,” contended “Benedict XVI remains the sole legitimate Pope and, moreover, that he has been communicating this fact in a particular manner, as circumstances allow,” although Benedict was “limited in his ability to communicate ‘with the outside world from his situation of confinement.’” Cionci, according to Hanley, asserted that “not only is Francis a usurping anti-Pope, but he is one ‘whose objective is to demolish Catholicism.’”

Andrea Cionci was by no means the first to suggest both that Francis was a destructive force and that Benedict was the legitimate pope. Nor was he the last. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/01/will-roman-catholic-church-face-crisis-death-pope-benedict/

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