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We must never forget the abuse suffered under corrupt leaders.

“ Deirdre Hairston says the incident happened at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Dallas last month.

Hairston says she was feeling lightheaded and nauseous and decided to lower her mask to help her breathe.

“I was very much socially distanced and was sitting in the back of the church,” Hairston told Texas Scorecard. “Next thing I know, the pastor is telling me he is going to call the police.”

After receiving communion, Hairston says she returned to her seat to be confronted by three police officers, one of whom told her she would be arrested if she didn’t leave.

As the video shows, Hairston followed the officers outside, where she was told if she did not leave the premises, she would be charged with trespassing.

“They said, ‘This is a business, and the business does not want you here,’” Hairston recalled. “To which I responded, ‘This isn’t a business. This isn’t McDonald’s. This is a sanctuary; this is a place of worship.”

Hairston says she was surprised by the lack of action or concern shown by many of her fellow parishioners.

“In the moment as it was happening, not one single person in the church flinched,” said Hairston.”

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