Catholic Schism

I report on the news what I find relevant to the Faith and Society. I do not agree with Mother Teresa’s characterization with the opening line, yet, but it is time to acknowledge that several investigations have shown her order involved with child/human trafficking. I have heard of these allegations for a number of years. Christopher Hitchens , an honest atheist, had stinging remarks about her, which I initially dismissed. I copy this commentary for your consideration.

“Mother Teresa is what we traditional Catholics (who hate the Masonic sect that took over the Catholic Church via Vatican II) call a Vatican II fake saint, like “saint” Pope John Paul II and “saint” Pope Paul VI and “saint” John XXIII. She was canonized by fake Pope Francis.

Note that these three guys were all canonized within the last 20 yrs and all were Vatican II popes. JPII (who is worshipped by both liberals and “conservatives”) was responsible for appointing Ted McCarrick from archbishop to Cardinal even after being warned of McCarrick’s abuse by one of his victims. JPII knew full well about the abuse but kept promoting the guy.

So many priests and seminarians who tried to expose the sexual abuse in seminaries and of children, have been hounded out of the Catholic Church. Most of them ended up leaving the seminary or the priesthood. But these predator cardinals and bishops are protected by the civil authorities. Look at the current Archbishop of Washington DC – a favorite pal of McCarrick. Or Cardinal Dolan and Cardinal Cupich, both very close to the Catholics in power like Biden and Pelosi. Cupich recently retired to a $2 million mansion. That’s where all the hard earned Catholic money went. Cupich was a roommate of McCarrick, and insists he has no idea that McCarrick was a pervert. Yeah, right.

Really all these people are heretics and apostates and should have been excommunicated, if we only had a real Pope unlike the present Argentine fake called Bergoglio. Don’t forget that in October 2019, the fake Pope allowed an idol called Pachamama, who is a pagan deity in Peru and Bolivia, to be worshiped in the Vatican! Can you imagine this? He promoted it. Now ask yourself why. What sort of sacrificial practices were pagans involved in? Child sacrifices, right? Now it all makes sense. Many traditional Catholics like myself will have nothing to do with the fake sect that occupies the offices of the Vatican and we believe that Covid was a kind of divine punishment for idolatry.

Did you know that Cardinal Pell (Australia) was suddenly accused of sexual abuse as soon as he uncovered serious financial wrongdoings in the Vatican? He had been appointed to look into the matter but being an outsider and Australian, went ahead and formally complained about it to the Vatican. I guess they were assuming he’d cover it up. The State of Victoria managed to hound him (at whose request?), get him convicted by a jury based on false evidence and put him in prison. The Supreme Court unanimously voted to release him. That means there are politicians and police in Australia who are totally corrupt and it took the High Court to release him. It’s meant as a warning to anyone who goes against the current ruling mafia.

Liberals are totally rotten but so are the “conservatives” who play along with them.” — Private email, shared with permission.