China Vatican News

Aside from the error of calling Bergoglio Pope, he is not, never has been, never will be, the statement is spot on true. Friends, what happened in 70 AD?

“ With Pope Francis abdicating his pastoral authority over Chinese Catholics to the Chinese Communist Party, and with Bishop Sanchez Sorondo at the Vatican asserting that Communist China best exemplifies the social doctrine of the Church, the following practices are apparently now to be emulated and imitated by faithful Catholics – forced abortions, suppression of freedom of religion and free speech, usury, vivisection and organ harvesting, genocide, human trafficking and slave labor. And since, in recent years, Vatican policies have increasingly treated the Chinese Communist Party as if its agenda is to be viewed as the source and the summit of the Church’s life, any future financial donations to the Church apparently should be made directly to the Chinese Communist Party. Why pay a middle man?