Eaten last

Fr. Analysis is correct but his solution is wrong. It is nothing more than hoping to be eaten last by the wolves.

As a member of one of the Ordinariates, writing as an individual and only in my own name, I have particular concerns. The creation of Catholic entities out of communities dating from the Reformation was one of the most striking achievements of the last pontificate … how terrible it would be if it ended in chaos or acrimony. It was, of course, Archbishop Bergoglio who, the day after the Ordinariates were announced by Pope Benedict, said how unnecessary they were; who deplored their inauguration.

The Prefect of the DDF is ‘line manager’ for the three Ordinariates.

Our best hope is that, given the smallness of the Ordinariates, they will be a long way down the queue of priorities for Remedial Treatment. Tucho may have bigger victims to hunt down first.

But, not long ago, the Ordinary of the American Ordinariate, Bishop Stephen Lopes, was elected, by the entire USA episcopate, to be their Mr Liturgy. Bishop Stephen is a good Catholic and a fine Liturgist, both theoretical and practical. It will probably be best if I do not load too much more detail onto this dangerous analysis.

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