Pope Benedict XVI

Ratzinger, whether he liked it or not, was the one and only living and reigning Pope until his death, having invalidly attempted to “partially resign” the Papacy these ten years ago.  The Papacy can not be bifurcated nor fundamentally transformed into a “collegial, synodal office” by anyone, including the Pope himself, because the Papacy was established by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Himself and is thus IMMUTABLE.  For a Pope to attempt such in a resignation of only the administrative/governance ministry of the Petrine Office, but NOT the Office in toto would render such resignation invalid per the “substantial error” clause in Canon 188, forcefully affirmed by Canon 332.2 which demands that the Roman Pontiff, if he should resign, resign the OFFICE (muneri), not merely a ministerial component or components of said Office.

I would, at this point, bless you all with my Apostolic Blessing, but I can’t, because I’M NOT THE POPE.

March 4, 2023