SSPX is in schism?

 Sorry, Cardinal Burke, I cannot believe that the SSPX is in schism?.

My reason and common sense tell me you are wrong. I’m open to listening, but I have yet to hear any compelling arguments that prove the SSPX is in schism. Blind obedience to things that undermine the faith are not an option for me. How can the pope and magisterium teach and profess nonsense that conflicts with the unchanging truths of the Catholic faith and expect Catholics to believe it?

Has the SSPX been disobedient? Yes. Archbishop Lefebvre ordained priests to the SSPX without permission and ordained four bishops without a Vatican mandatum. Was his action necessary? In my opinion yes. The Vatican kept delaying the ceremony of ordaining one bishop which had been permitted. If one reads the history, it’s pretty clear they were acting in bad faith waiting for the archbishop, who was already ill, to die. You can almost hear them saying, “How long before cancer rids us of this pesky roadblock to reforming the Church according to the world. He’s trying to shut the window to keep out the spirit of the council! We need Pachamama and that wind of novelty to keep the faith relevant. “

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