The Bergoglio Dossier: An Intellectual Midget’s Guide to Why There is No ‘Pope Francis’ By Chris Munier


If Bergoglio is not the pope, is the Church currently without a pope (a vacant See)?

Yes, as of December 31, 2022, the See of Peter became vacant. As of this pamphlet’s publication, the Church has entered an interregnum period (between reigns or between popes) following the death of Pope Benedict XVI (who reigned from 2005 to 2022). Neither before nor after his death has there been a “Francis Pontificate.” I’ll explain how Benedict’s resignation was invalid because of possible coercion, but most especially since it contains “substantial errors,” according to the Catholic Code of Canon Law.


Is the Catholic Church in total eclipse, and therefore invisible to the faithful? No, the Church is still visible but only if one actively seeks the truth and dedicates enough time to exploring sacred tradition. That’s the only chance of seeing through the fog of lies. Think of what happened the last time we had a full solar eclipse during the middle of the afternoon. It DID NOT become pitch black outside. Instead, we experienced a brief “twilight” or dim luminosity. That’s what has happened to the Church. Its holy light has become obfuscated by the anti-church, but NOT extinguished. The latter is impossible. Those who will devote hours to seeking the true Gospel through tradition, not just its cheap, modern facade, will indeed find a pearl of great price. It’s merely a matter of how much you want it.

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