So you do not consider the so-called Tridentine Mass to be a threat to the unity of the Church?

No, as such no. There are some who say that this is the only orthodox form and that the form developed after the Second Vatican Council is invalid. These are extremists. But one should not react to punish a few extremists in an extremist manner, hitting the vast majority of these communities who love the Church, the Pope and the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. Extremists are there on both sides: on the other, there are those who say that orthodoxy depends only on the rite. So Greek Catholics do not have a true Mass? This is absurd. These public statements are made without deep reflection.

Would you advise the Holy Father to withdraw the restrictions in the rescriptum ex audientia signed by Cardinal Roche?

It would be better to apply the line of Benedict XVI, the greatest connoisseur of the liturgy and also the greatest theologian.  The Church’s highest authority must always seek reconciliation. A dialectic is needed, finding a way to peace. The Church is in Christ the symbol of the unity of mankind. And I add one more thing.


These communities associated with the so-called Latin Mass suffer from the prejudice that would have them as enemies of the Second Vatican Council. But there are bishops in Germany who openly deny Vatican II! They question it or say that it only represents a stage in the past. They do not accept the doctrine of the Council.