“ The amazing promises of democracy, freedom, and popular sovereignty have been broken in the absence of civic morality, a sense of duty or a spirit of service. Born as a social application of the revolutionary principles inspired by Freemasonry, the notion of the “modern state” has proved to be another colossal deception against the masses from which the consolation of a divine justice that would moderate the excesses of the tyrant has also been snatched. This is the wicked cry of the “Crucifige” (condemnation) perpetuated in time.

After 200 years we understand how that fraud was hatched to make the masses believe that they can determine, on the basis of the mere numerical majority, what is good and what is bad regardless of the natural law and the commandments of which the Lord is the wise author.”

… whole world of untruths collapses, of deceptions, dishonesty, horrors and ugliness, that for over two centuries has imposed on us everything that is anti-human, anti-divine and anti-Christic as a model. It is the kingdom of the antichrist where transhumanism challenges heaven and nature, in the eternal cry of the enemy, “Non serviam” (I will not serve).


Viganò: The West is on the verge of ruin due to ‘apostasy,’ ‘cancel culture’