Do well to remember these names especially in regards to Fatima …

“Over the past few months, Cardinal Angelo Sodano has faced a number of serious allegations in the media, most especially regarding his connections with the disgraced founder of the Legionaries of Christ, the late Father Marcial Maciel Degollado.

The controversies prompted leaders, both in the traditionally orthodox and heterodox sectors of the Catholic press, to call for Sodano’s resignation as dean of the College of Cardinals. In a May 12 editorial in First Things, the publication’s editor, Joseph Bottum, wrote that Cardinal Sodano “has to go,” as he has been found too often “on the edges” of scandal. “Never quite charged, never quite blamed, he has had his name in too long a series of depositions and court records and news accounts—an ongoing embarrassment to the Church he serves,” Bottum wrote.

He lamented that the cardinal, 82, should be plagued by scandal at end of his life, saying it “would be kinder to protect the man and let him slip away unnoticed.” But after explaining some of the allegations against Sodano, Bottum concluded that even such a figure as the cardinal “has to be removed from his current position and told to serve the Church in prayer.” Everyone inside the Church “needs to be taught that there are consequences for scandalous mistakes,” Bottum wrote.”