“ The novelty of this perversion of authority, which heralds the epochal clash of the End Times, lies precisely in the corruption of the Shepherds and in the fact that the individual members of the faithful, as a flock without a leader, find themselves having to heroically resist an assault on the Citadel on several fronts, in which they have been abandoned by their leaders, who are opening the gates and allowing the enemy hordes to enter in order to exterminate us.”

There is no more courage; there is no more fidelity to Christ; and it has reached the point of insinuating that, if Bergoglio was able to change the doctrine on capital punishment – an unheard of and absolutely impossible thing – he will certainly also be able to make sodomy licit in the name of a charity which has nothing Catholic about it and which is repugnant to Divine Revelation. https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/abp-vigano-issues-severe-warning-to-pope-francis-in-wake-of-his-support-for-fr-james-martin