An opinion on election fraud…


There are several things going on here, and they combine in such a that our legislatures are refusing to address our election issues. Here are a few:

1) Treason is a capital offense.

2) Once the election manipulation is widely understood our legislators will be exposed, and then be held accountable. There will be hell to pay.

3) If real patriots are elected, then human trafficking, drug trafficking, financial corruption, corruption in our government institutions, and movements subversive to our country and the constitution will exposed. And there will be more hell to pay.

4) Trump was exposing widespread fraud and corruption nationally. He had to be removed at all costs. Even those working in his own administration were reticent to examine election fraud, though they knew full well it was taking place (e.g. Pence).

5) Not a single state legislature would stand up for Trump in 2020. They are all corrupted and at risk.

6) Notice that the media was fully supportive of Hillary’s claims that our elections were being hacked after 2016, but flip-flopped after 2020. Their bias and participation in propaganda will be exposed.

7) Our state governments now OWN our elections, and they are not going to return them into the hands of We the People willingly. Governments do not willingly relinquish power, they seek to centralize it.

8) The problem is widespread and huge. Don’t try to solve all of it yourself. Start local, get involved, and turn your eyes toward heaven.

As the grassroots is winning, it is percolating up to the state legislatures.

And we are winning, but it takes time. It has taken us decades to degrade to this extent, and we are not going to be able to fix it overnight.

The battle is the Lord’s.