An opinion that has changed forme over time…

Personally for me, the notion of telling people not to vote is extremely detrimental to our fight. I understand the CABAL cheats and all that but it’s a battlefront. (One of many)  Cheating and all. We absolutely need to overwhelm it with everything we have, win, lose or draw. Every November.

1. You can definitely catch them off guard and win things. Ie: Trump in 2016,  people like Boebert, MTG in 2020 Etc. We won congress back last year in 2022, in 2021 we won a bunch of local races, in NJ for example a freaking truck driver unseated the democrat state senate leader. Amongst other wins like younkin etc.

We should’ve won a lot more. But that’s not the point. If we were demoralized to the point of not voting because “voting doesn’t matter” we would’ve lost all of them. Every last race and would be infinitely closer to the dystopian prison state they wish to create.

2. It also forces the CABAL to expend massive amount of human assets.  Every race, every district, every state requires local plants to be embedded into 100,000 different precincts. That’s a lot of money, a lot of coordination, and a lot of room for human error. Hence their fuck ups and getting caught all over the place. It’s gotta be a massive pain to put together every year for them and that is how you press on an enemy in an effort to continually wear them out and eventually break them.


And 3. It also provides more and more mistakes every year that we catch and add to pile of examples we can use to break the normies hypnotic acceptance of statements like “2020 was the most secure and safe election ever”


Voting is a must. It’s not everything and it might not even be what wins this fight in the end but it’s a massive part OF the fight.


This is why I detest people using their platform to disenfranchise patriots into not voting. Your vote is a weapon. It counts.

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