Audit the Vote

When was the last time Bexar County TX machines were independently transparently audited?

“Graeff’s lawsuit alleges that voting equipment – which by federal law is required to be regularly audited by EAC (US Election Assistance Commission), and by approved elections systems auditors ,and certified to be up-to-date.  This is not happening according to several local activists – like it is not happening in jurisdictions around the country.

The machines could be susceptible to voter fraud.  Secretary of State Ashcroft must be aware of the vulnerability.

The suit alleges that Ashcroft, the systems auditors, and federal elections authorities were and are asleep at the switch and not performing their duties.   The suit alleges that the software and systems have not had their software updated, have not been audited to ensure a fair and secure election in November and that the electronic voting equipment has not been properly certified by a legally accredited EAC lab as required by law.”

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