Audit the Vote

Each state’s audit effort requires a different strategy. This mix highlights Captain Keshel’s analysis of Texas.


Cell 1 – Introduction and instructions.

Cell 2 – What kind of audit should you demand?

Cell 3 – TX Heat Map

Cell 4 – TX Election Audit Debrief

Cell 5 – TX County Trends

Cell 6 – TX County Trends

Cell 7 – Precinct Strategy: Takeover the Republican Party


Trump – 5,890,347 (52.1%)

Biden – 5,259,126 (46.5%)

Heat Map

Red – Rampant Fraud

Yellow – Likely/Suspect Fraud

Green – Clean/Low Fraud

Captain Keshel’s observations:

Estimating 675k excess votes for Biden, conservatively estimated. This would still give him a record high Dem vote gain, as he was up 1.38mm from Clinton, with Trump also up at a record number 1.21mm. Counties over 50k listed in spreadsheet screenshot.

No party reg, heavy on 20 year pattern plus political trend. Trump trended Hispanic TX heavily Republican, but somehow “lost” Tarrant County and lost big margins in suburbs despite huge ~30% gains or more in all of them. Dem activity is obvious, many suburbs over 60% growth, huge urbans over 40%.

Put simply, massive Trump gains in San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Houston don’t agree historically with a corresponding massive Dem jump in those counties.

If accurate on the 675k excess, Trump margin should have been roughly 55.4 to 43.1 (12.3%) with a margin of 1.3mm votes instead of 631k.

Best audit targets (RED) – Tarrant, Collin, Denton, Wichita, Taylor, Bell

The Precinct Strategy

Takeover your party with Dan Schultz’s Precinct Strategy. Become a precinct committeeman:

Election Integrity

Fore more on election integrity visit the work of John Droz. Jr:

You can find the professor at

Find your state and get to work!