Banana Republic

“It doesn’t matter that Canova had no chance of overturning the results of the 2016 primary. Snipes acted illegally and both local and federal authorities turned a blind eye to it. The whole matter stinks of partisan manipulation – which only serves to buttress the case that the permanent bureaucracy at the Justice Department is hopelessly corrupt.”

How dare you try to unseat a duly elected president? How arrogant you and your minions are! Orders came from the highest office. Is this why O has been lying low and Michelle has been making the rounds. Sheeple no more. Video link:


“Unfortunately for McCabe, there was no “solid ground” to be found. The Russia investigation came up entirely empty, and the FBI bureaucrats’ leak-and-smear campaigns were not enough to oust the duly elected president through other means.

And the president was not even behind McCabe’s ultimate removal from his post. The former FBI deputy director was fired after a Department of Justice internal probe found that he committed gross misconduct on multiple occasions. The devastating report found that McCabe lied under oath several times. That wasn’t all. He also attempted to sabotage his own FBI colleagues for his personal leaks to the media. McCabe later excused his activity, claiming his lies under oath were a result of the “chaos inside the FBI under siege from [President] Trump and his allies.” Currently, McCabe is under a Department of Justice-authorized grand jury investigation.

Of course, McCabe’s long list of alleged criminal activities and his extreme credibility problem have been almost entirely overlooked in the legacy media stories promoting his “60 Minutes” interview. The same applies to the reality that McCabe’s Russia probe never amounted to anything.”