Bexar County TX: New Poll Watcher Group in Town!

Hello my fellow patriots!
Do you believe our elections are safe, honest, and accurate in Texas?

I believe they are more a SELECTION than an ELECTION.

Do we live in a Democracy or not?

No, we live in a Republic. A Constitutional Republic, and if we are going to keep it, we have to fight for it. Our nation stands apart from other governments because it has a robust representative style of government with a clear separation of powers and a series of checks and balances to ensure integrity. Both are prevalent in the Federal government, between the different branches, and clear separation of duties between the Fed and the State. The same thing exists between the State and our Counties.

But we allowed the intended checks and balances – and the separation of powers – to erode in our elections at the state level and right here in Bexar County.

Our citizens are blasted with the narrative that mail-in ballots are the biggest problem with elections. We see it all over the media, and politicians on every level constantly feed this narrative. In Bexar County during the November 2020 Election, poll watchers working with us at Central Counting identified several anomalies. For arguments sake, lets say 50% of the mail in ballots were fraudulent. That only accounts for 6% of the total votes submitted. The total ballots on election day were only 11% leaving In-person early voting a whopping 77%.

Early voting is where we lose the checks and balances. There are NO election judges at the voting centers to sign the backs of your ballots. The system preprints those with the initials of one individual – the Election Administrator acting as the sole Election Judge cleverly renamed the “Election Clerk.” Our state representatives have placed the lion’s share of YOUR votes under the control of one person without the benefit of checks and balances. There is no way to validate that any ballot submitted was ever physically at any voting center in the county. If an Election Administrator had malicious intent, there is no way to prevent it as the separation of powers and checks and balances are gone.

On Election Day, the Election Administrator must remain apolitical and unbiased. According to the Election Code, it is illegal for them to be members of a political organization. Still, during 77% of YOUR elections, our state government lauds this as an excellent practice! However, the Election Administrator, Jacque Callanen, was witnessed performing the duties of an election judge and freely admitting SHE was the DEMOCRAT Election Judge in multiple elections as far back as 2019. We have reported these issues and many others multiple times directly to the Texas AG and legal advisors to the Secretary of State. We are hopeful that they will eventually take action, but many political and financial issues stand in the way. This is the clear erosion of the separation of powers and our checks and balances that we cannot allow to continue.

What can you do?

I am a co-founder of The Election Integrity Group (EIG) here in Bexar County. We train, manage, and equip poll watchers with the tools and techniques proven to build confidence in our volunteers to identify and report what went wrong and what went right. The members of our group are the best trained and most experienced in our county. Our group stands out from other election integrity groups as the only one with members who filed two complaints to the Texas AG, resulting in criminal investigations into the Bexar County Election Department. The RPBC under John Austin cannot make the same claim, even though the same business practices continued under his administration.

Contact me at to take action and become one of the best-trained poll watchers in the State.

The first class will be Feb 9, 2022, from 2 – 4 pm at 6609 Blanco, suite 325. Take the elevator to the third floor and follow the hall to the right. Take a left at the next hallway. The conference room is at the end of the hall. Bring a notepad and pen to take notes. We are planning additional evening classes as well. Our focus is going to be In-person Early Voting, Close of Early Voting on Feb 25th, and of course Election Day Central Counting.

Class availability is limited, so act now! Share this with anyone interested in taking action as a poll watcher.
Thanks, and I hope to hear back from y’all!
Douglas “D.B.” Stearns, USAF Ret
Precinct Chair, Election Judge
Co-Founder of the EIG

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