Bio Weapons

🔥 Uh-oh! The cat is rapidly clawing its way out of the biolabs censorship sack. Yesterday, top government media mouthpiece Bloomberg ran an article headlined, “US Ambassador Urges China to Stop Spreading Russian ‘Lies’.”

The article not only finally reported that Russia is accusing the U.S. of running bioweapons labs in Ukraine, but also that China apparently believes it, too. In a Chinese government-sponsored “World Peace Forum” on Monday, US Ambassador to China Nicolas Burns said this:

“I would hope that Chinese foreign ministry spokespersons would stop accusing NATO of starting this war. That’s Russian propaganda. I hope Foreign Ministry spokespersons would also stop telling lies about American bioweapons labs, which do not exist in Ukraine. These all came from Russia. Unfortunately, this has been picked up by the Chinese.”

Unfortunate, indeed.

Bloomberg reported that top Chinese officials and its state media have repeatedly blamed the U.S. for provoking Russia through NATO expansion. And Chinese diplomats have officially “amplified” Russian-backed “conspiracy theories” that the U.S. produced biological weapons in Ukraine.

The paper then uncritically reported that the U.S. government denies the claims and argues that China is spreading Russian misinformation. What Bloomberg didn’t mention is that there are now TWO members of the UN Security Council — the two largest players apart from the U.S. — that are now accusing us of running illegal bioweapons labs in the beleaguered country.

Bioweapons are considered weapons of mass destruction, just like nuclear warheads. Just saying.

Having been forced to admit that there were U.S.-linked biological RESEARCH labs in Ukraine, the U.S. seems to be trying to thread the needle by making the childish distinction that the gain-of-function research on deadly pathogens is not a “weapon” because it was for purely defensive purposes. Sure, the bugs COULD BE used by unethical actors, like Russians, as weapons. But you can trust US. We would NEVER do that, or accidentally release a devastating global pandemic.

Here’s Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland carefully explaining to Senator Marco Rubio that, while there ARE dangerous biolabs in Ukraine, they aren’t WEAPONS labs, no, never:

Jeff Childers July 6, 2022

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