BioWeapons & Voter Fraud

At some point, voter fraud and biotechnology were going to intersect, because they have always been part of the same plot.

We are rapidly approaching the revelation of the greatest crime against humanity in history.

That C19 was man-made, by US DS/Globalist entities, released intentionally, in order to abuse emergency powers, in order to implement mail-in voting, in order to pull of voter fraud, in order to keep Trump out of office.

C19 will be the nail in the DS coffin.

I don’t know who made the connection first, I saw it from Kristin A. Martin on Truth Social @msinformation45

But we have some growing connections between Konnech Inc. and biotechnology. Voter fraud and the virus are connected, just as we have always known. Which is also in line with what Russian MIL have alleged.