Chyna Virus

“ The earliest report in English that I can find dates from May 17, 2020. “Inside the Games” reported that “More athletes have revealed that they fell ill during the Military World Games in October when the Chinese city of Wuhan hosted the event months before the COVID-19 outbreak.”

Now comes discussion and speculation. No question that many men and women at this October 2019 event became very sick. There was no serious follow up into why. All the symptoms point to Covid of the earliest and most severe sort. I spoke at length to one athlete who was there and his description fit perfectly. If this is true, the entire story of a December 27, 2019, wet-market transmission from animals to humans falls apart, and it raises serious questions about what China knew and when.

The other telling issue: if they knew much earlier, why did Fauci and Farrar not respond with openness and transparency? ”

At the Military Olympics, October 2019, Wuhan, China, Athletes Caught Covid

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