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Not a one off. “Morrisett was a man going through a rough patch in his life. In the end, he was destroyed by a newspaper article, a media firestorm, and a campus mob. Readers, of course, can make up their own minds about who has blood on their hands.”

Prosecute every cheater. “Prosecutors have charged nine people with a dozen felony counts for allegedly offering money and cigarettes to homeless people on Skid Row in exchange for false and forged signatures on ballot petitions and voter registration forms, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced today.”

Time will tell.  “Most of the Dems just elected (or re-elected) during Midterms are NEVER going to be able to take their oath of office. The remaining Republicans aren’t playing games any more, and they aren’t going to be blackmailed into submission and passivity this time around.”

How did we as a nation get to this point? Where has our ability to reason according to Natural Law gone? Who is responsible? Where is their profit?

A federal judge has dismissedsix charges of female genital mutilation against a doctor, declaring the nation’s female genital mutilation law as unconstitutional.

The federal judge in Detroit ruled in the historic case on Tuesday, ruling the law that prevents female genital mutilation (FGM) is unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge BernardFriedman ruled that congress does not have the authority to make FGM illegal, which it had been classified as illegal under the Necessary and Proper Clause or the Commerce Clause.”

“”If we find that its uncontrollable,” he said, “if we find that it gets to a level where we are going to lose control or people are going to start getting hurt, we will close entry into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control.” “The whole border,” he clarified. “I mean the whole border. And Mexico will not be able to sell their cars into the United States where they make so many cars at great benefit to them, not at great benefit to us.” 

Hefty fines, prison, and whatnot for the cheaters, liars, and thieves.

“A former Communist Russian leader famously stated decades ago what has become a mantra on the left.

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

This year’s midterm elections were no exception.  Throughout the country there were reports of massive voter fraud.  In California, Democrats reportedly bribed people on skid row for their signatures to obtain votes.”

Anyone who encourages this invasion shares in the responsibility of harm to these people. The invasion instigators have other motives than care of these people. “We have affirmed our shared commitment to addressing the current challenge,” he said. “The caravans will not be permitted to enter the United States. There are real dangers to the safety and human rights of migrants from those who would prey on them.”

Mexico found religion, no importing their cars to US markets. What a president! Working on his vacation.

“All will stay in Mexico. If for any reason it becomes necessary, we will CLOSE our Southern Border. There is no way that the United States will, after decades of abuse, put up with this costly and dangerous situation anymore!” Mr. Trump tweeted.”

“pictures from Univision (Spanish only) do expose who the caravan organizers are. The camera shots show that the organizers themselves are far-left activists, quite possibly what remain of the gang-like Chavista shock troops of Latin America who destroyed Venezuela. Smug, smarmy and robotic, they speak a disciplined Marxist party line devoid of individualism. They’re obviously experienced community organizers, which gives you an approximate look at how Chavez destroyed Venezuela. It was guys like these who produced that. “

“The high resolution picture shows guys in the background posing for a cameraman proving again that liberals are easily fooled:”

Follow the money. Illegal aliens are money makers for their handlers. Aborted babies are money makers for the abortuaries. Who is the loser? “CDC data indicate that 17.5 percent of all women who had abortions in the United States that were reported to the agency in 2015 were of Hispanic ethnicity. Also, the report noted, “abortion rates and ratios remained 1.5 and 1.3 times higher for Hispanic compared with non-Hispanic white women,” said the agency.”


“As reported by on January 9, 2018, Judge Vazquez ruled that the Democratic National Committee did not prove that the RNC violated the Consent Decree prior to its Dec. 1, 2017, expiration date.

And with that, Judge Vazquez, an Obama appointee, ended that noxious 1982 Consent Decree legal agreement between the RNC and DNC which had tied the Republican Party’s hands from contesting elections and investigating vote fraud for 36 years.”

Has a trap been sprung? Is the DHS involved in investigating the corrupt election process? “. (a) Not later than 45 days after the conclusion of a United States election, the Director of National Intelligence, in consultation with the heads of any other appropriate executive departments and agencies (agencies), shall conduct an assessment of any information indicating that a foreign government, or any person acting as an agent of or on behalf of a foreign government, has acted with the intent or purpose of interfering in that election.”

Alien invasion.

“Video footage released by various Mexican news agencies show the first group of migrants with a caravan of 7,000 to 10,000Central Americans have arrived at the United States-Mexico border.”

“One of the lies the fake news if you will, that the mainstream media is trying to propagate is the fact that all this weird organic thing and all the water and the food and medicine, all dropped from … manna from heaven,” he added. “It’s baloney. It’s all highly organized. It’s paid for by a number of organizations, we don’t know exactly where the money is coming from.”

Follow the money. 40% of USCCB budget comes from the government and is directly tied to the immigration, legal or illegal. There are also other motives to keep the human pipeline open to Central America.

“The Catholic Church will continue to serve, accompany and assist all those who flee persecution, regardless of where they seek such protection and where they are from,” the statement concludes.

In his proclamation, President Trump expressed concern that an influx of “large groups of aliens arriving at once through the southern border would add tremendous strain to an already taxed system, especially if they avoid orderly processing by unlawfully crossing the southern border.”

“Despite the Betomania that swept progressive voters across the nation, election night numbers show that the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Beto O’Rourke ranked ninth among all statewide nonjudicial candidates in the number of votes received—just behind the lowest ranking statewide Republican candidate on the ballot. “