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Since when do former prez campaign during midterms? Glad to see O out and consistent. Just like HRC. Keep reminding us of what was and could have been. “Former President Barack Obama referenced himself 92 times during a Monday stump speech that was intended to promote Nevada Democratic candidates.”

“On the other side of the coin—and this really is a “surprise”—this cycle the Republicans (apparently entirely due to Trump) have figured out how to fight. In senate races Arizona, in Tennessee, in Missouri, and in numerous other races, Republicans with the help of James O’Keefe’s videos have sprung surprise after surprise on the Democrats. The latest is in Ohio, where Jim Renacci unleashed assault charges by unnamed women (Kavanaugh, anyone?) against Sherrod Brown.”

The first alien invasion must be handled decisively or there will be most assuredly more of them.

““A word about “stoking fear” which is liberal code for “racism.” Presenting facts to the American people abou the ultra-violent  MS-13 gang is not “stoking fear.” But liberals believe even mentioning MS-13 in any context is racist and Trump is doing it to terrify people into voting Republican.

What terrifies people are Democrats who surreptiously promote open borders policies, which the caravans are exposing despite the Dems best efforts to hide their pro-illegal alien agenda.”

Gig’em Ags👍🇱🇷

“According to CNBC, employees at Google parent company Alphabet were the second largest contributor to O’Rourke’s campaign overall, and came first on the list of Big Tech contributors, with Alphabet employees donating $157,189.

Overall, Alphabet was only beaten in donations to O’Rourke’s campaign by employees of the University of Texas, who donated $296,123.”

Why now? Who has the most to gain? “But now it appears this was all a hoax! The clocks taped to the “pipe bombs” do not have an alarm function.”

Lightening fast is what you get when one is practiced.

“Right on cue, George Soros’ son, Alexander Soros penned a New York Times op-ed blaming President Trump for the mail bombs.

Alexander Soros sure is a fast writer and the editorial board over at the New York Times also worked at lightning speed!”

“The Pueblo Sin Fronteras (“People Without Borders”) is a project of La Familia Latina Unida, a Chicago, Illinois-based 501(c)(4) illegal immigration advocacy organization formed in 2001 by Elvira Arellano, an activist for immigrants living illegally in the United States.

The group is part of the CARA Coalition and is funded by a number of major left-of-center grantmaking foundations, including the Open Society Foundations, MacArthur Foundation, Ford Foundation, and Carnegie Corporation of New York.”

VOTE the cheaters out.

A North Texas woman recently indicted as part of a “voter fraud ring” paid the others involved in the scheme with funds provided by a Democratic Party leader, say court documents filed by the Office of Attorney General Ken Paxton this week.

Leticia Sanchez was charged with 17 felony counts of voter fraud following an investigation by Paxton’s office. Sanchez, 57, allegedly paid her co-defendants to target elderly voters in select northern Fort Worth precincts in the 2016 March Democrat Party primary election to affect the outcome of certain down-ballot candidate races.”

Living in his van:

How could he make these faux bombs?

How could he generate computer labels?

How did he get this new van?

Why send them?

Who helped him?

“Many on the right eschew the use of emotion when making arguments. They like to think of themselves as people who base their decisions solely on logic and reason. But while facts and logic are important, they do not persuade as effectively as emotion does. In his book “Win Bigly,” Scott Adams, a cartoonist, trained hypnotist, and expert on persuasion, goes as far as to say that “facts don’t matter.” Adams isn’t saying that facts are not important; when it comes to forming policy decisions, they are essential. But in the realm of persuasion, they are only effective when emotion is also involved.”

“What the president of Honduras told me is that the caravan was organized by leftist organizations, political activists within Honduras, and he said it was being funded by outside groups, and even from Venezuela,” he said.” #WalkAway

VOTE and be vigilant. Jobs not mobs or cheaters.

The problem occurs on the Hart eSlate voting machine when voters turn a selection dial and hit the “enter” button simultaneously, according to the state. Eighty-two of the 254 counties in Texas have these machines, although complaints have only come from Fort Bend, Harris, McLennan, Montgomery, Tarrant and Travis counties, according to Taylor.”

NB This is a Report from an MSM. Since, it tends to make Trump look good, it might be accurate. “According to a report from NBC News, many of the migrants have been hitchhiking to make the journey, and when trucks stop to pick them up the young men sprint and hop on — leaving women and children behind.”

So true. “President Trump called out the establishment media on Sunday, saying “their fake & dishonest reporting” is “causing problems far greater than they understand.”

“It might be frightening to hear, but the Fed does not know where the “right” interest rate level is. In terms of interest rate policy, it purses a ‘trial and error’ approach. As history shows all too well, the Fed lowers interest rates sharply in times of financial and economic crisis.

If incoming data suggests that the economy is returning to growth, the Fed starts raising the interest rate and keeps raising it until the interest rate becomes ‘too high’, turning the boom into yet another bust. It would not be surprising if the Fed’s current interest hiking cycle were going to trigger yet another debacle.

Viewed from this perspective, President Trump certainly has a point in criticizing the Fed’s latest series of interest rate increases. However, forcing the Fed to keep interest rates at artificially lowered levels for longer does not solve the real problem.”

Enquiring minds want to know. “The ultra leftist billionaire is certainly putting his personal wealth were his mouth is. The question is why? He has poured $120m at least into the 2016 Midlterm Election campaigns of numerous Democrats, including that of Kristen Sinema, running for Senate in Arizona, and Andrew Gillum the Democratic Candidate in Florida’s hotly contested gubernatorial race. Through his political action organization, NextGen America, Steyer has invested vast sums of personal capital to drive clean energy initiatives in Arizona, Nevada and Michigan. These statewide renewable energy initiatives’ primary goal is to force renewable energy quotas of 40% unto the residents of Arizona, Nevada and Michigan. If successful, this would conveniently open the door for Steyer to insert his renewable energy portfolio companies into those state quota structures, which will literally force the citizens and business in those states to purchase 40% of their energy at significantly increased prices.”

A caravan is my family heading to a vacation destination. The group of mostly young men is an alien invasion. Get the terms defined properly.

“The idea that this is about leaving political repression and gang violence doesn’t wash.

Foreign Help

So why do they keep going on their arduous trip? Obviously, they’re being aided. Vice President Pence said that Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez told him that the caravan had been “organized by leftist organizations and financed by Venezuela.”

Meanwhile, the U.N. is committing resources to the caravan. In essence, it uses U.S. taxpayers’ money to fund a violation of their own border. That way, the U.S. can join all the other countries with a mass immigration problem.”

Would we hear about this if HRC won? “A federal appeals court in San Francisco has reinstated a lawsuit against the world’s largest food company, accusing food and drink conglomerates Nestle and Cargill of perpetuating child slavery at Ivory Coast cocoa farms.The corporations are accused of running operations that involve kidnapping children and forcing them to work on cocoa farms for as long as 14 hours a day without pay.”

POTUS ban the media take care of business.

“The Department of Homeland Security also confirmed Judicial Watch’s reporting that migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Bangladesh were embedded in the horde marching to the U.S.

Even worse, several unaccompanied minors were saved by Guatemalan authorities after it was discovered they were being trafficked by smugglers.

On Sunday another caravan formed in El Salvador. The only thing that will stop the caravans from marching to the U.S. is if they know they will be met with the US military.”

I am a Fed basher. O presided over a moribund economy. Trumpster’s economy is singing with stable prices and low inflation. Why the interest change?

I want the prices to be stable and I’m not a Fed basher.  But I think there is no real evidence that the  interest rates are too low.  I mean the inflation rate is tame and the price of commodities have been stable so I don’t see an overriding case for raising rates and I think Trump has point there.”

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