Citizen Journalists

Consider this, another thing that the big Trump victory in AZ last week proved, as Kari Lake, Mark Finchem and Abe Hamadeh all handily won their races for the GOP nomination despite the best efforts of the McCain GOP Establishment to keep that from happening:

Even without having announced he’s running for President [an excuse that allows the MSM to completely ignore all of his rallies and speeches], Trump is having a massive impact on political races.

He’s getting almost no face time live on any of these Fake News networks.  They only put up pictures of him of play brief clips they then take out of context to savage him and worry about him.

Trump is proving he doesn’t need them to win and his slate of candidates doesn’t need them to win either.  How much national face time did the MSM give to Kari Lake or Mark Finchem or Abe Hamadeh thus far?

Besides print online rags like The Daily Beast and NYT’s doing hit jobs on them?

A paradigm shift is happening and hardly anybody recognizes it.

These rallies are carried on YouTube, Rumble, alternative media.

Trump and his slate of candidates still get their messages out effectively.

The Old Media is Dead.