Complainants Needed TX Lawsuit

Art. 1 Sec. 28, TX Constitution: No power of suspending laws in this State shall be exercised except by the Legislature.  

Seeking complainants
for a new legal action
to restore Texas Freedom!

The “Cause of Liberty” seeks individuals from all over Texas who have suffered in substantial ways due to Governor Abbott’s COVID-19 executive orders, whether state or local.  If you have been hurt by local government actions allowed by the State of Texas, you will be important to this project.

Individuals must be willing to sign a statement describing how they were damaged and be willing to be public about the issue.We CANNOT protect your identity!  If you are not willing to come forward, we cannot help you.

The most obvious potential complainants in this lawsuit are:

  • pastors/churches
  • owners of any small business deemed “non-essential”
  • gym owners
  • bar owners
  • musicians & bands
  • hair & nail salon owners/hair stylists/manicurists/nail techs
  • nursing home & assisted living clients
  • daycare centers
  • food producers
  • restaurants
  • those denied needed medical care & procedures due to government’s COVID-19 mandates on doctors and hospitals
  • parents/guardians & students enduring education discrimination and/or denial of services
  • other individuals willing to provide factual details for review by the legal team.

What YOU must do to be heard

Email Beth Biesel by the October 30, 2020 deadline!
You will be given further instructions regarding the required official statement/affidavit.