Election Integrity

Want To Get Involved? 🤗 (Call for help)

There are lots of ways to get involved, however the focus of this post will be on “data”.

Even if you are not a “data” person you can still be of tremendous help by sending FOIA requests to your county and asking them for some data.

The purpose of this post is two fold:

1) We need help to create a document that will eventually end up on the ElectionFraud20.org website, which will provide all the information people need to successfully request information from their county.

2) Get the ball rolling 😊

If you think you can help please join our chat. (Lot’s of great discussions are happening in the chat.)

# Tasks

The data that is the most useful to us is:

1) Ballot Images

2) Voter Rolls

3) Cast Vote Records (CVRs)

4) Tabulator Tapes

All 4 of these data sources help us establish the validity of the election results.

The first two are the hardest to get, so we suggest starting with the bottom two.

Once you get the data back from your county, there are different places to send it to. Please send a copy to:

– The Lone Raccoon

– To our discussion channel

There may be other organizations. (Please get involved if you would like a copy of the data as well.)

# Observations

If a county is not able or willing to provide any of these 4 types of data, how are they able to establish the veracity of the election results?

⚠️ People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. ⚠️

The “Gold Standard” is properly recording and preserving ALL 4 data sources, AND making them freely available to the public.

# Voter Rolls

When it comes to Voter Rolls the “Gold Standard” is to keep 3 authentic voter rolls for each election with a public hash key.

(The hash key is critical as it allows us to ensure the voter rolls have not been tampered with after they were created.)

The 3 copies are:

1) A snapshot on election day: In order to calculate the real number of registrants on election day.

2) A snapshot once all the votes have been updated in the voter rolls: This can take a week up to a few months. It really should happen with 72 hours. (That would be the “Gold Standard”). This snapshot will allow us to calculate all the votes for each county, and the numbers should exactly match the SoS official numbers. (Elections results MUST only be certified once the voter rolls are fully reconciled, and a snapshot taken.)

3) A snapshot taken a few months later: In order to see how many registrants were added, but most importantly removedfrom the voter rolls. This snapshot will allow us to do some sanity checks.

# Summary

This post is a “call for help” to gather the best procedures, email templates and forms to successfully request the 4 different data sources from every county.

We need to organize and build a document to keep all this information, which will eventually be hosted on ElectionFraud20.org

Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

If you have have already successfully obtained one (or more) of these data sources, please share your approach and templates.

Even if you were unsuccessful please let us know what excuse the county gave for not fulfilling the FOIA. (This is extremely valuable information as it will help us design better requests. Refusing to provide this information should be illegal. We need to work on that too.).


Some people might ask “What is the point? We already know the fraud is obvious and the election was stolen”.

That is correct, however the point is NOT to prove the fraud. We know that to be the case. In fact we believe it is irrefutable. However the point is to reverse engineer the fraud county by county, state by state. Document the vulnerabilities in order to make sure this never happens again.


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