Election Integrity

Karizona – What would you do if you were a thief?

You have a serious predicament and need to choose between two equally bad scenarios. What would you do?

1. Cheat harder, (potentially) get caught and (potentially) lose everything

2. Don’t cheat harder and lose everything


As we pointed out in a previous post based on the primary results, there is no way any Republican candidates will lose their respective races. The Republicans have a 18% margin over the Democrats.


What is astounding here, is how effective the media is at making people believe all these races are tight, when in reality, there is nothing further from the truth. In a free and fair election all the Republican candidates would have already won, declared victory and their opponents gracefully conceded defeat.

So what is taking them so long to count the votes?

They need time to figure out their best move. The move that will minimize the damage.

That is why I believe the most likely scenarios is option 1.

They know the media will provide them with enough cover, and  the judiciary will stone-wall any challenges.

(Side note: Election results should never be certified  until the whole chain of custody can be categorically and entirely validated from start to finish. The implications of this are profound and it will require a post of its own. Suffice it to say our ability to verify the full chain of custody is currently ZERO. In fact it is worse that zero. It’s negative. The whole election system is designed to be vulnerable and make it impossible to easily and quickly verify the integrity of the whole chain of custody. There is just enough semblance of “security” designed into the system to re-assure casual onlookers that everything is “safe and secure”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Make no mistake, it is intentionally #BadByDesign.)


If they decided to go with option 2, it will be because they have figured out a way, and possibly taken the necessary measures (over the week end) to destroy as much evidence from 2020 AND 2022 as possible.

What else should we be anticipating?


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Chain of Custody – Is the only thing that really matters

Being able to quickly and easily verify the full chain of custody is the only thing that really matters when it comes to certifying the integrity of the election results. Everything else is noise.

# Guidelines

Here are some guidelines to achieve this:

– Keep the system as simple as possible (but not simpler) so everyone who participates fully understand how everything works and can be assured their vote will be properly counted

– Everyone should be able to verify the integrity of the chain of custody for themselves (without having to trust an intermediary)

– Verifying the chain of custody must be quick, easy AND complete.

– Anything that adds extra complexity should be removed. This automatically disqualifies mail-in voting, machines, large precincts and ballot layouts with too many races

– Upholding integrity becomes harder over longer periods of time, so elections should be held on one day, not weeks

– Results should be published within hours of the polls closing


We need an election system that has no apparent flaws. This should be a non-negotiable.

If there are perceived flaws there can be no trust.

If there are simple means of addressing a flaw, they should be immediately implemented.

People should be encouraged to find and discuss potential flaws in the system, or at least explain how “in theory” a potential vulnerability could exist.

These concerns must never be dismissed but properly addressed so everyone can have full confidence in the election system.

# In Summary

Being able to categorically and completely validate the chain of custody is the ONLY thing that matters when it comes to election integrity. If you can NOT quickly and easily validate the entire chain of custody, you really do NOT have a free and fair election. Period. (No matter how much gaslighting you are subjected to.)

We must demand to see tangible proof of this after each election.

An election can NOT be certified until the chain of custody is proven to be secure.

⚠️ Currently, there is no way of proving, let alone verifying that the chain of custody is secure from start to finish. ⚠️

👉 This is a monumental problem that needs to receive more public attention.


KN for @ElectionFraud20_org