Election Integrity in Bexar County

Did you Know….

  • Texas Elections CANNOT be verified.
  • Voter data, vote counts, and potential audit data can be changed by the software which is proprietary and CANNOT be inspected.

This fraud is NOT conducted by any local election judge or clerk but can be conducted inside the machines with or without a wireless connection.  No person operating or watching the machines can detect or be aware of the fraud.  Much of the fraud would not be detectable by an audit/recount due to the design and implementation of the machines.

What we know…

  • Inspections by the US Election Assistance Commission (EAC) have shown consistent vulnerabilities in election machines used throughout the US by all manufacturers including those used in Texas.
  • No voting machines in Texas are certified to the latest EAC guidelines as required by Texas Election Code 122.01(3) and Texas Administrative Code 81.61.
  • When certified for use in TX, ES&S machines were found to erroneously validate the hash (unique identifier) verification of the installed software, allowing any version of software to be installed instead of the certified version without additional verification by the County elections IT staff.
  • Many counties allowed ES&S technicians to perform this task, removing a critical check on system integrity.

What we want…

We ask that the certification be revoked for all voting systems in Texas.  Elections in Texas should be handled on paper ballots with secure chain of custody on ALL ballots and repeatable, verifiable ballot counting at the lowest level.  The impact on timing would be minimal as demonstrated throughout the world in elections where all votes are voted, verified, and counted in a single day.

Until this elimination of machines can be accomplished, we must implement safeguards to ensure fair and honest counting of the votes.  We want to implement the following procedures BEFORE the election.  Attempting to go back and find fraud after the fact will NOT help that election and there seems to be NO consequences for fraud discovered retroactively.  We CANNOT accept results of any election that does not provide sufficient transparency.

The following steps should be implemented in Texas ahead of the November 2022 elections to give some level of trust to the citizens of Texas:

  1. Public, documented, and audited (by all interested parties) set-up of all voting computers/machines (with chain of custody for machines after set-up is complete)
  2. Verification that NO election equipment can connect (through any wireless means) to the internet or another computer (physical inspection is the ONLY method to prove this)
  3. Early Voting Judges sign all ballots at their voting location as they are required to do on election day (Random Numbers should also be used as required by Texas law)
  4. Chain of custody maintained on all early voting and election day paper ballots (seals and signatures)
  5. Full manual count of paper ballots at each voting system witnessed by multiple trusted agents and poll watchers from all parties (early voting and election day voting)
  6. Verifiable chain of custody on all paper ballots with sufficient seals/signatures/witnesses to allow valid audits/recounts